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World Cogeneration Day

Event: World Cogeneration Day

Date: September 4, 2020

Theme: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes Who Keep the Lights On

World Cogeneration Day is a special holiday, celebrating the unsung heroes who keep the lights on. We all know that the medical professionals and first-responders dealing with the epidemic are working very long hours and our goal is to share acknowledgment also with those behind-the-scenes teams who keep the power running and the lights on. Operations and maintenance activities are considered life-sustaining and can continue throughout the pandemic. Without a stable energy supply, health and welfare are threatened, and the economy cannot function. Policies identify the Energy Sector as uniquely critical because it provides an “enabling function” across all critical infrastructure sectors. The energy infrastructure supplies fuels to the transportation industry, electricity to households and businesses, and other sources of energy that are integral to growth and production.

As primary sponsor for World Cogeneration Day Northeast - Western Energy Systems is excited to celebrate the dedication of the key people who drive our business. Each year this special holiday will highlight one key aspect of the CHP industry. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken center stage. Thank you to our team, we appreciate all you do!


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