Jenbacher Field Services

24/7 Field Service

NES-WES has a comprehensive network of highly trained field service engineers spread throughout the territory in which we operate. This facilitates rapid response to your generator in the event of any unscheduled maintenance requirements.Our Long-Term Service Agreements offer optimized response times and availability guarantees. For larger sites our engineers can be assigned dedicated to a single installation

Our product support group maintains over 200 Jenbacher gas engines. Each technician goes through an extensive training and audit program to ensure the highest level of performance. NES-WES technicians have developed a gas engine proficiency that is second to none in the industry.

Service Capabilities & Benefits

Service Capabilities
  • Experienced, factory trained and certified technicians
  • Resident technicians assigned geographically
  • Specialized tooling
  • Onsite and remote diagnostics
  • Root cause analysis/reports


  • Quality control and accountability
  • Rapid dispatch
  • Competitive pricing
  • Maximum plant reliability and availability

technical services


Annual laser alignment services
  • Specifically for Type 6 engine-generator sets
  • Should be performed annually


Vibration testing
  • Different methods for analysis. Basic or comprehensive testing
  • Basic tests are acceptable for annual testing requirements to baseline
  • Vibration test conducted per ISO 8528-9
  • Specific measurement points


Borescope inspection services
  • Internal inspection with minimal disassembly
  • Digital imaging and videoscope capabilities
  • Inspect cylinder heads, combustion chambers
  • HRSG tubes, and other internal components
Combustion chamber integrity tests
  • Compression tests or leak down tests
  • Simple, quick troubleshooting of engine performance and emissions drift problems
  • Test cylinder heads, pistons-rings-liners before disassembly
  • Reduced downtime and costs


Emissions testing services
  • Portable analyzers for NOx and CO
  • Routinely calibrated for accuracy
  • Leanox emissions adjustments


Overhaul and Rebuild Center

Qualified Jenbacher factory trained technicians overhaul, rebuild your engine or integrate a remanufactured block as required.


Our flexible options ensure that engine parts are thoroughly checked and all necessary parts subject to wear are replaced in accordance with the original maintenance specifications:


The short block option, Jenbacher 's basic engine version, ensures the best cost and the possibility of adding already refurbished parts directly onsite . Advantages include technical upgrades and fast delivery. The scope of supply includes: core engine , refurbished crankcase, refurbished crankshaft, new camshaft, new bearings , new pistons, and cylinder heads.


The long block option provides extended scope of supply that is precisely adjusted to your needs and contains a comprehensive engine test -run at INNIO's Jenbacher test bench facilities. The scope of supply includes: short block options , turbocharger, intercooler , exhaust manifold, ignition system, and gas mixer.

The genset option allows you to change out your entire module . What you receive is a tested and completely functional unit, which will be set up at your site in the shortest time possible . The scope of supply includes: long block options , alternator (by supplier), heat exchanger (by supplier), control cabinet (update), and coupling elements.