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Northeast Energy Systems & Western Energy Systems - Power Systems Specialists

Engineering & Project Management Services

Northeast Energy Systems & Western Energy Systems utilize advanced technologies to help improve energy resiliency and reliability while reducing costs.

Our systems have enabled our clients to reduce their energy consumption and have resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings.


NES WES engineers are at the forefront of evolving distributed generation and CHP markets. We help our clients plan and implement highly efficient, reliable and resilient energy systems capable of producing affordable electric power and thermal energy for a multitude of applications while simultaneously reducing costs and environmental impact.

Distributed Energy
  • Cogeneration System Integration
  • Heat Recovery Systems
    • Hot Water
    • Steam
    • Absorption Cooling
  • Emissions Compliance and Monitoring
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Commissioning Service
Design Support
  • Interconnect Applications
  • Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash & Short Circuit Analysis
  • Point-to-Point Drawings
  • System P&IDs
  • Power Quality Monitoring


  • DCO Energy
  • Ameresco
  • Related, Inc
  • NYU
  • Houwelings Nurseries
  • Hawaii Gas
  • Philadelphia Water Dept.
  • Fresh Venture Foods
  • and many more…