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Northeast-Western Energy Systems Partners with Q8Oils

Northeast-Western Energy Systems is now an exclusive Distributor of Q8Oils

Philadelphia, PA — Northeast-Western Energy Systems (“NES-WES”) has strategically partnered with Q8Oils to be an exclusive distributor in our respective territories. Q8Oils’ use of high quality base oils, strategically located blending plants, in which they manufacture, and their state of the art European laboratories for R&D and technical support allows NES-WES to deliver an added value that other oil distributors cannot match.

NES-WES can now offer a complete comprehensive fluids package to customers which includes lube oil, gear box oil and coolant. The mutual goal of both NES-WES as Q8Oils is to provide the longest lasting oil life at the most cost-effective price that will significantly lower overall lubricating oil costs. Q8Oils simply provides the most productive oils on the market. Q8Oils Mahler is a range of high quality lubricants for engines using all types of gas, including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage and other highly polluted gases. These oils offer outstanding benefits such as high oxidation and nitration resistance for long service life, low ash deposit tendency and good resistance against pre-ignition, excellent anti wear properties to protect the engine against valve seat recession and high acid neutralizing capacities as a result of high Total Base Number (“TBN”) retention.

There is an increasing number of high efficiency engines on the market. Gas engines are subjected to extreme operating conditions, especially around the combustion chamber. This results in significant technical challenges for lubricant manufacturers, particularly in terms of oxidation- and deposit control with outstanding TBN retention. Operating conditions vary substantially and Q8Oils can provide advice on the best oil for your application. NES-WES will perform comprehensive expert analysis and management of lube oil, coolant and fuel gas sampling to ensure adherence to OEM requirements. The NES-WES Asset PerformanceManagement Center allows you to monitor your oil life cycle through the MyPlant application.

Other benefits include Q8Oils performance evaluation with cost benefit calculator, Approvals and Recommendations that provide suggested products for your specific engine and the Q8 expert site which supplies detailed technical information accessible by clicking here – https://expert.q8oils.com/. We are pleased to be able to provide you with the most sufficient fluids package to suit your particular engine needs.


Northeast-Western Energy Systems

Sean Stahl